Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little Black Dress Date

Well see I told my nieces the little secret... Every girl has a little black dress that they love. A dress that makes them feel pretty and glamorous! So since i had them for the weekend we took a little trip to thanksgiving point's farm country to play during the day, but that night we all put our little black dresses on, dolled up our faces, and put our dangle earrings on for a fancy night out on the town with our handsome escort, Uncle Mike! We went out for some high end pizza and bread sticks at the infamous PF. I love my girls! So my sister says to watch out cause I'll have all boys!!! hehehe

Happy Halloween!

I know I know Halloween was like a whole month ago! But we sure had a blast!! We had a fantastic party at the Westover home!! Great Costume guys!! Every single person dressed up and they looked great!!! here's a few pictures of mike and myself and also the Castillo clan.

Family Fun!!

Here's a little bit of the fun stuff we did with the fam! Mike Welcomed me home from idaho with a cute sign and a clean house. We went to Jumping Jacks with all of the family and all the cool people jumped on all the toys! Ya that's right, me, mike, ross, amber, nicole, aaron, and my mom all jumped on giant blow up toys!!! I love my family!

My Sweet Husband!

Here's every spectrum of my sweet husband! Those of you who know Mike, knows he's the who tells it like it is! He's a good honest man who will always apologize if he has said too much!:) He was patient and waited for me to find out that he was the one for me. I truly don't know what i would do without him!

This past couple weeks have made me realize how lucky I am! Family is very important to me and has always been a big focus in my life growing up. When my sister comes out from California with her kids and husband to visit, its almost like our day to day life stops, and it all of a sudden revolves around how we can spend as much time as possible with them. Whether that means us loosing sleep to stay up late and play Monopoly world, or giving up our little space in our home to house family on the futon! He is so patient and so willing to go and do any activity that may be happening with my family. He rearranged work schedules, balanced his homework, and lost a lot of sleep and personal time to be with me and my family!

I know we have become so much closer because of this and he does it cause he truly loves my family and above all me! So thank you sweetie for being selfless and always putting me first! I love you and can't wait to start a family with you!!! (p.s. I'm not prego, I just meant in the future:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

San Fran/ Fisherman's Wharf/ and Pier 39

I love going to the pier! There is any store you can think of and the all too famous Bubba Gumps, needless to say this is where we at for our Anniversary dinner. There is also this fun Merry-go-round! Its kind of Romantic, the city scenery, the Ocean, and of coarse the delightfully smelling sea lions!!:) they are seriously so cute, if i could have one for a pet i would in a heart beat!

Alcatraz! THE ROCK

On our trip to California we went to San Francisco and fisherman's wharf! We took a Cruise over to "The Rock" and it was AWESOME! Mike and I loved every second of it, except for pushing the gimps around in their wheel chairs!(jk cole and dad, i love you!) It was a really cool tour and very eerie! the weather was gorgeous and then when we got on the boat i was soaked in the first five minutes, and i will say i was very upset because it took a long time to do my hair!:( The overcast, foggy weather added to the eerie atmosphere and it was amazing!

Anniversary!! 2 Freakin years!!

Yeah for Two years!! Well it wasn't the most romantic getaway, but it was a blast! We got to help my poor sis who had just had knee surgery, poor little thing:( She graduated that weekend with her Bachelors in Criminal Justice!! Good Job Nicole! We had a fun little pool party, (that's why in one of the pictures my hair and makeup are so lovely:)