Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little Black Dress Date

Well see I told my nieces the little secret... Every girl has a little black dress that they love. A dress that makes them feel pretty and glamorous! So since i had them for the weekend we took a little trip to thanksgiving point's farm country to play during the day, but that night we all put our little black dresses on, dolled up our faces, and put our dangle earrings on for a fancy night out on the town with our handsome escort, Uncle Mike! We went out for some high end pizza and bread sticks at the infamous PF. I love my girls! So my sister says to watch out cause I'll have all boys!!! hehehe


cat+tadd said...

Hey! Come back to dance! I just did for the first time on Tuesday. Come back, come back! Is Millie still dancing too? That's so cool that you're in charge of the Costco thing! What sort of things do you arrange?

Ashley Russell said...

Oh Sammie,
I love it, you are such a fun Aunt. They will always remember you for it. Ash

Todd and Ashley said...

Hey Sam, it was so good seeing you and Amber in Utah before we flew back to Ohio. You two are so adorable as always. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

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